my daughter’s school speech

The horse breathes its final breath. Its body, once strong and beautiful, is now nothing but skin and bones. A slow, painful death from starvation.

Dear teachers and students, today I am talking to you about animal abuse and cruelty and what I would do if I was Prime Minister of New Zealand.

How does the thought of an animal being hurt or neglected make you feel? Sad? Angry? Or do you just not care? I care. It fills me with hatred.

With modern technology we are aware of what goes on around the world whether we like it or not. Horrific videos showing cruelty to animals are shared on facebook.

I know that in one country there is an annual dog eating festival. Yes I understand other countries have different cultures and feel the need to eat anything that moves, but it’s the way they do it that sickens me. They show pleasure in torturing these terrified dogs. A puppy kicked and stomped on by a group of girls. How could anyone treat an animal like that? What happened to respecting our food?

But look at us in New Zealand. We have battery hen farming; pigs that spend their lives in tiny crates; cows and calves that are mistreated by some in the dairy industry.

And what about a few of the lifestyle block owners … city people with no idea how to look after farm animals. They are too lazy or perhaps too thick to go out in the snow to check a handful of pregnant ewes that could give birth at any moment. A new-born lamb dies as a result. To those people, livestock are just paddock ornaments to make them look good.

If I was Prime Minister of New Zealand I would make a law that it is an eye for an eye.

If you want to tie down a mouse and cut off its penis with large scissors then the same will be done to you.

If you burn the face and body of a cat with a blow torch then you too will experience the same feeling.

Enjoy dehorning calves with no anaesthetic? I wonder how you would feel having a hot iron dug into your head.

Beat an animal, starve an animal … the list could go on and on.

The good thing about modern technology is that people are learning more and more about the horrors animals face. There has been a public outcry about the dog eating festival and its cruelty. Hopefully it will be stopped.

Remember if you see an animal being mistreated then please call the police or SPCA.

We humans consider ourselves superior to animals. But we’re not. In fact the world would be a better place without us.

Thank you for listening.


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