sea goddess (erotic)

poem written by my friend @ a little bit naughty

and beautiful watercolour painting by my friend valentina cantor

Sand disappears in rivulets
Beneath my sun-drenched legs,
As I invite the sea to enter me.
The tangled mat between my thighs,
Adrift, yet surely anchored there.

I exhale, inhale, exhale,
Deep in meditation.

I dig my toes into the ocean floor
And slowly move my hips,
Circle rhythmically, as if orbiting the sun
And dip into my purse with salty fingers
Imagining, Neptune’s trident tongue,
Flickering in the light and shadows.

Panting with desire
I thrust –  in and out – circling,
Ever circling; my clitoris hard
As a fossil stitched into my skin.

I pause for breath, then move again,
with ever increasing intensity.

A silent primal scream defies the sky-gods.
And from my hot wet core,
My prayers are answered.
Each tidal surge sucks through the glistening
slit of me,
Hissing and spitting like molten lava.

One last thrust of the hips, I dissolve
In a frenzy of frothing surf.
Hear nothing but my heartbeat.
Wrung out. Complete.
Startled by my aloneness.

I spiral inwards,
Curl into the empty shell of myself
And listen.
Listen to the ocean whispering my name.

alittlebitnaughty (c) 2016

watercolour (c) valentina cantor 2014



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