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    1. Thanks Pete. I’m a Photoshop addict. Absolutely love it. I can spend hours playing with an image in Photoshop, it is like i get transported to another world. I love adding lots of textures to photos and dodging and burning. If I do use filters then I use the Nik collections. Sometimes I wish I could just take a photo, tweak it in Lightroom and be satisfied, but nope off I go into Photoshop every time. hehe good fun. 😀
      Do you use Photoshop?

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      1. Thank you for your explaination, Niki 🙂 Yes, I still use an old version of CS4, which suits me just fine. I usually just tweak my images a little to try and bring the best out in them. Cropping, selective blurring and cloning to remove unwanted stuff, levels, sharpness, etc.

        I like your style, it is very appealing. I like the mood you instill in an image through your creativity. I used to be more creative years ago, but it’s having the time to do stuff. But I am quite happy to sit at my desk and go through my images, and having a dabble 🙂

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      2. I use CS5 and a very slow dinosauric computer. One day I would like to burst out and treat myself to an iMac with a 27inch screen. A bit greedy but hey we only live once eh. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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      3. I upgraded my PC last year because my dinosaur finally became extinct. I would like the newer version of CS but its like having a mini mortgage as they are subscription based now. CS4 works good enough for me for now. If it’s your hobby and it keeps you creative why not splash out a bit and treat yourself! You are welcome 🙂 Inspiring work.

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