haiku – life lost

brown hawk swoops

mother hen defends

young life lost

© Niki Palmer-Speechly 2017


i think of you often

I think of you often

The skills you taught me
The talks we enjoyed
Passion oozed when you spoke of
Tractors and engines
Pride in your grandfathers twinkled your eyes

I never thought I’d
Grease a nipple or lubricate a shaft
(the giggles we shared!)
Let alone sharpen a chainsaw
Winter, I no longer fear

You were a gentleman
A shoulder I leant on
In return you wept upon me
The truth, the blinkers you wear
The deep longing …

I think of you often
And hope you have severed the chain
Tasted the freedom
That your dreams are sweet and kind
Just like you, my friend

© Niki Palmer-Speechly 2016